Kaba Holding AG is represented on 5 continents and is practically a world leader in locking and access management.


THE LOCK CYLINDERS KABA we offer you are highest quality and are consistent with the specificity of burglaries which are committed in Bulgaria.

The illustration shows a cylinder lock /lock/ KABA expert, the newest development of КАВА. What is unique about this system is that 5 rows, 5 pcs. each, the locking fingers are arranged radially, which guarantees besides the enormous security /milliards of combinations/, resistance to drawing out and absolute guarantee of unlocking, through locksmith methods.
The system of the lock cylinders reminds of the system TITAN of GERDA which system has no registered burglary until now in our country, nor a case of emergency opening of the lock without breaking open.
This is why the recommendation both for GERDA and KABA is one: keep a duplicate key in a bank safe!